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Alleviating pain from the body starts with finding the source. Pain centers throughout your body can trigger pain that radiates from a focal point. Our team determines the source of your pain and banishes it from your body.

Find out if chiropractic services are right for you with a FREE initial consultation. Allow our team the opportunity to show you how holistic care can transform your life.  Let us help find the right service for your needs.

As chiropractic professionals, our team is dedicated to finding the most efficient solutions to your pain in order to give you back your peace of mind. Taking the time to listen to our patients is what makes our practice successful.

Pain relief solutions

FREE initial consult

Compassionate care

If you are experiencing pain in your back or neck, the team at Clear Choice Chiropractic and Holistic Wellness Center can help. Trust in experienced services that cover a variety of conditions of the back and neck.


Your pain is real. Our job is to find the source and alleviate your pain with innovative techniques and therapeutic services.

Let us help you live a pain free life



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