Clear Choice Chiropractic and Holistic Wellness Center

Quality chiropractic care can help you overcome pain and discomfort caused by injury. At Clear Choice Chiropractic and Holistic Wellness, our staff is committed to finding solutions for your pain.

- Lower back and leg pain

- Neck, shoulder and arm pain

- Pain between the shoulders

- Numbness in hands and feet

- Loss of sleep

- Painful joints

- Nervousness

- Headaches

Quality treatment options

8 signs of danger

- Back and neck pain

- Shoulder and knee problems

- Herniated disks

- Sciatica

- Lumbar adjustment

- Muscle atrophy care

- Custom foot orthotics

- Disc decompression

Conditions treated:

Our doctors perform hands-on assessment of the spine and take the time to understand restrictions in motion and observe any abnormalities both visually and by touch. This allows our team to determine where the interruption in your nervous system lies.

Hands on care

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Our team treats a host of ailments that can attribute to pain, weakness and discomfort. Call today for a full list of services.




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